Town Ambassadors

The Snowdrifters trails go through 16 towns in the 4 counties that are connected to our trails. These towns are a vital part of the snowmobiling community. Some of our members live in these towns and use the trails to get from their home to the rural areas. Most importantly, towns serve as a connection to food and gas. Without access to the towns, snowmobiling is not possible.

To ensure that the Snowdrifters continue to have positive interactions with the towns, members have assigned responsibility for individual towns. These city ambassadors mark the trails in the towns and work with the cities, when necessary, to ensure any issues in the town are addressed. The Snowdrifters are not police however so enforcement must come from the city police departments or sheriff departments that cover the area. To prevent issues the Snowdrifters actively communicate with the snowmobiling community to help prevent issues and proactively approach problem areas with markings.

The Snowdrifters can be contacted via the general email account if issues do occur. Please send emails to unless noted differently below.

Information sharing with towns is important. See the communication tool we use to explain who the Snowdrifters are (PDF and PPT versions). Snowmobile-presentation-Dec 2016 Snowmobile-presentation-Dec 2016

City Ambassadors list –

Solon – Scott S

Swisher – Ken B

Shueyville – Joe L & Nathan F

Ely – Andy L & Jeremiah S

Walford – Jeff W & Rob B

Fairfax – Jeff W, Rob B & Chris J

North Liberty – Derrick P

Atkins – Weston

Lisbon – Joe L

Norway – Rob B

Wyndum – Seth A

Frytown – Seth A

Tiffin – Derek D

Amana – Brian S

Blairstown – Rob, Jeff & Chris J

Van Horne – Rob, Jeff & Chris J