Secondary Groomer – Dewey

Info on location and status of Dewey

Future groomer operator

Picture is of Thayne Lowman’s grandson from West Liberty.  His name is also Thayne and loves snowmobiling. Note the beautiful trees in the background 

44 thoughts on “Secondary Groomer – Dewey”

  1. Groomer is at Mel’s almost ready to go. All that is needed is a choke adjustment. If we get snow again this week we might be able to start grooming. Need another 4 inches.

  2. Thanks for all the hard work getting the groomers ready. Hopefully soon we’ll get enough snow to use them.

  3. Dewey is finished and ready to go. Mel took it to LD Express Saturday and filled it up then made 4 passes behind Centro to try and knock down the frozen chisel plow debris. It worked pretty good considering it was as hard as nails. He had to go SLOW in first gear. Didn’t want to break anything right after it was fixed. It rolled lots of the clods into the holes so it really helped.

    Next year we can use the processor on the new groomer to do it as it was designed for that sort of work.

  4. Mel is hooking the drag back up and welding some broken parts, then it will be ready to go. Mel will need help hooking them back together.

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