Groomer – Louie

Louie has since been traded in to the DNR for the new Prinoth. Pictures are left here for historical purposes only.
Location and status of Louie

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  1. Nortec is shipping a new sproket and oil slinger since the ones we had were not correct for the processor. Mel is getting new hoses made today and hopes to have it running later in the week depending on the weather. Looks positive for running at the beginning of January.

  2. (Mel) We now have the chain case and hydro motor from Nortec. Chris had nearly all of the welding done by last weekend a little more to go. We hope that there will be time over the weekend to get the stuff put together and set up. We have decided not to paint it now in case we have to weld anything. That and without paint we’ll see any stress cracks better so they can be fixed. We’ll need to assemble everything and measure for the hoses. Then get the hoses from Custom Hose and get them installed. After that it’s just getting it set up correctly so everything works right and cylinders don’t move too fast or jerky.

  3. Louie still needs the processor put back together and tested. Nortec notified Mel the new chaincase and hydro motor are being shipped. There are still some welds to do on the components then we put it together and make sure it all works. After that we break it down and paint it then the final assembly.

    We are hoping this will be done by Christmas, depending on the availability of Chris H. If anyone has a heavy duty welder please give Mel a call.

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